List of accessories designed to enrich your experience with “Ocean”

LLS (Led Light System)


Led Light System (LLS) is a special PVC edge, illuminated from the inside with LED technology specially designed for the marine environment. The system is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, also totally water-proof, to give the same emotions even at night…



The hull can be customized with the customer’s logo, made with a special marine adhesive.

Protective film


Although OCEAN polycarbonate is exceptionally resistant and with anti-scratch treatment, for intensive use (rental) and / or in “difficult” environments such as pebbles or rocks, the hull can be protected with a special transparent PVC film. very high resistance. The duration of the same is about two or three years and can be easily replaced. In this way the hull will be preserved as new.



Practical, lightweight and foldable, entirely made of aluminium and with increased tires allows the transport of OCEAN with great ease even on the sand.