Kayak Ocean “OC2”

The unique one, long way ahead than those who tries to copy it!

OCEAN OC2 is the original ultra-resistant transparent kayak!


The peculiarity of OCEAN is transparency, which allows a real “snorkout”, the exciting snorkeling out of water in absolute safety!


This feature is guaranteed over the years by the technologically advanced material with which it is built; it is a special Bayer polycarbonate, Makrolon®, extraordinarily resistant to mechanical stresses, with a low weight and unassailable from atmospheric agents.


The “CE” marking certifies its quality.


As is evident, even simply looking at the images, the attractive skills of this canoe are extraordinary, as well as the experience of admiring the seabed as it is not possible to do with any other vessel.


OCEAN OC2: stable, comfortable, handy and perfect even as a tender! The seats can also be placed facing each other, thus increasing the surface to admire the backdrop or make room for one or two children!


OCEAN OC2 can be equipped with high brightness led (led light system),
specially designed for the marine environment and powered by a super-lithium battery
compact waterproof, to give the same emotions even at night!


OCEAN OC2 is the ideal tourist canoe, easy to transport and store during the winter season because the hulls are stackable.

The original, strongest, clear kayak!



  • Length: 335 cm
  • Width: 95 cm
  • Depth: 36 cm
  • Overall boat weight: 26 kg
  • Weight capacity: 240 kg
  • Floating bags in sturdy vinyl
  • Tubular aluminum frame
  • Adaptable and removable seats
  • Two paddles